Back At It

Every 6 weeks, we take a week off. We call it a Sabbath Week. It was supposed to be a week to do fun things, like trips and visits to art galleries, science centres, etc. Actually, though, it has turned out to just be a time to set my oars straight and re-align our path.

This Sabbath week was no different. You would think that being so late in the school year there would be no point in changing things. My motto is when you are going down, you change whatever needs to be changed, whenever it needs to be changed. So we changed.

Its not that the changes were radical. These were things that were not new to us. We had done these things before. Before being the operative word. We had done all of these things but over the years we had stopped doing them. After reading The Writer’s Jungle by Julie Bogart I realized that we were missing the beauty in our day. We had the true and the good but the beauty was sadly lacking.

Hence, the late in the year changes.

Here are the list of the changes:

-copywork (I had stopped doing this as my two older children were, well, older and I thought I could stop now. I guess not.)
-Dictation (I have never liked dictation but after Bogart’s book, I willing to try again.)
-written narrations
-Friday Freewrites (I will explain in a later post.)
=poetry teatime
-picture study
-music study
nature study

Goodness! Strung together like that, it looks like a lot. We aren’t doing everything every day so maybe that is why it doesn’t seem like much. Another change I have made is to map everything out for the week. ‘Everything’ just means the liberal arts components to our day. I am hoping that if everything is listed on the days that I want to do them that it will make life a bit easier for me.

We have finished our 2nd day and, so far, things have gone well. There are some things that did no get done but maybe that can be addressed during the next Sabbath Week.

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