Bits of Grace

After a long, hard night–with a weary hurting heart, the prospect of a day full of dividing decimals, diagramming sentences and discussing Watergate was not inviting. God, in all of his wisdom and love, gave little moments of grace in between the need-to’s of the day.

The Lord bestowed little pockets of grace in the form of nature study (discussing the differences between fields and meadows,) math games, art (reading of Vincent VanGogh’s haunting sadness along with looking at the stunning Starry Night) and reading silly words (Phantom Tollbooth.)

Those tiny bits of grace sprinkled throughout my day has healed the hurt and has convinced me that I am all the stronger for it.

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One Response to Bits of Grace

  1. I am glad the Lord has given you some pockets of grace… He is so very good at that! God bless!

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