Loving Your Enemy

An update came on the television telling of the apprehension of the 2nd Marathon Bomber suspect. They watched the procession of police cars winding their way through crowds of people amidst cheering and clapping. The picture cuts away to showing a stretcher moving towards an ambulance, presumably the suspect.

In a quiet voice she says, “I feel sad for him.”

She is remonstrated by her big brother, “He killed people and hurt so many more. He deserves everything that happens to him.”

Her voice becomes stronger as she explains herself. “I know that he has done a horrible thing and he needs to be punished for it but the Bible says to love your enemies. I just feel sad for him that he made a bad choice and that he is going to be in jail forever because of that bad choice.”

This from a 10 year old.

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One Response to Loving Your Enemy

  1. Melissa says:

    I appreciate your daughter’s heart. I felt the same way–very sad for so many people and the consequences of sin.

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