A Day at the Theatre

We went to the big city yesterday to compete in a drama festival for middle schoolers. My kids participate in our homeschool group’s Drama Club. This has been the first year for this drama club. My kids have had a blast in taking part in this experience.

When it all started, it was suggested that the club submit an entry to the festival. This meant lots of work in memorizing lines, a few extra practices and a trip to the big city. I am not a city person. I have great angst at just the thought of driving in the city. But there ar times when you have to swallow that big lump of angst and just do it.

So I did it yesterday. And so did my kids.

We had a great time going to the University for the first time. Emma loved being the stage manager, to be able to wear a headset. Caleb enjoyed the performing aspect of it. That boy sure does love getting a laugh. Tessa liked having a bit of time alone with her mom.

It was a time to be with friends. A time to explore all of our possibilities. And it was time to dream.

It was a great day.

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