What We Are Reading

Our family read alouds are going well this year. We have barrelled through quite a few books. What makes it even better is that we have only had one clunker that we couldn’t finish (it was The Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L’Emgle. I think we just need to take a break from that series and will try again next year.) That’s not bad: one unfinished book in the midst of the 17 books that we have finished.

As far as my personal reading goes, well, it was going great guns until this past month. I have only read 1 book during that time. Along with spring comes slower reading times. There are other things that are crowding out the reading like mowing grass (yes,already,) and gardening. So the reading just isn’t getting done. Right now, though, I am reading the first book in The Jane Eyre Chronicles. Joanna Campbell Slan is travelling the well-worn path of writing mysteries with classic characters as their main characters. Elizabeth Bennet and Beatrice Potter are the two characters that have already been down this path and Jane Eyre is following suit. The first book is entitled, Death of a Schoolgirl. It is quite good for this particular genre. There is another book in this series (can’t remember the title) that is on its way to me as I type.) I am also reading Antigone by Sophocles. This is a pre-read for Emma’s booklist for next year.

As a family we are reading, War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo. Excellent story which is well-written–a double plus. When we are finished with it ( which will be in one more day) we are moving on to The Lord of the Rings. The kids have been waiting for awhile for this book. Emma read it two years ago and the two youngers have been waiting impatiently for their turn.

Tessa, Caleb and I have been reading The Phantom Tollbooth for the second time around. Just as enjoyable this time through. Tessa and I just started Melissa Wiley’s newest book, Prairie Thief. We are only on Chapter 3 but, so far, it is quite enjoyable.

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