Getting Back At It

With the running around for drama club and the addition of dentist and orthodontist appointments–oh! and don’t forget seeding–school has meandered its way to the sidelines of our daily happenings. In other words, not much school is getting done this month. I am not fretting about this because I have made a decision that has not endeared me to my children.

We have had a bumpy road the past few months as far a education goes. We have had to get off the main road of learning and park by the side to shore up those foundations. Caleb was having problems with fractions earlier this year. He just wasn’t grasping the concept of fractions so we went through the Key to Fractions book for 2 months. This was a wise thing for us to do as Caleb now understands fractions inside and out but this has put us ‘behind’ (oh, how I hate that word) in his math book. He will not finish math this school year.

Emma, too, has had difficulty with math. She started Algebra this year but has encountered some bumps on this road with Math-U-See. MUS goes a bit too fast for Emma’s liking. After struggling for a month, I decided to switch to Jacobs Elementary Algebra to see if it could fill in some holes. So far Jacobs goes slower. Emma is enjoying this pace. But again, Algebra I will not be finished this school year.

And then there is Tessa! Her little bugaboo is reading. We made huge progress last May in her reading with Logic of English but, alas, we have hit that ever-feared wall. I have been contemplating yet another program to see if we can get over this hump. I am so weary of starting yet another program. We always seem to do well with a new program but eventually we hit that blasted wall and I am left all alone wondering what in tarnation am I going to do now?

This has been a very long way to say that we are continuing school throughout the summer. My kids are overjoyed! (insert sarcastic tone here.) But you don’t always get what you want in life. (Insert my mother’s voice here.) So this week we will be stating our summer session of school. That sounds so official, doesn’t it? We will not be doing a full load of work but, rather, just English and Math. That is doable and sill be able to enjoy the pleasant offerings of summer. At least that is the plan.

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