Spring Changes

You can tell it is spring because I don’t have much time to blog. What with yard work, gardening, seeding, schooling and just plain being, blogging has taken a back seat. Life is busy and full right now.

We have quite a few little creatures living at our house right now. Three of our barn cats gave birth last week. We now have 11 baby kittens. My children are so exasperated at the mothering skills of these mama cats. They put their babies in unsafe places. The dog sniffed them out a few days ago and, well, you can guess what happened. Emma went outside to see if the grass was dry enough to cut it and stumbled upon two baby kittens lying still in the grass. Upon further investigation, she found two more kittens in the side yard. As it turned out, only one kitten was dead. The dog had found the baby kittens and had taken them out of their not-so-hidden hiding spot. In taking the one out, he killed it. This was very upsetting to my kids. It doesn’t matter how often you come upon death, it still stings.

Unfortunately, the mama cats still hadn’t learned their lesson. They moved the kittens underneath the hedges where the dog could, and did, get at them again. The kids took things into their own hands and moved all of the kittens to the loft in the barn where they should have been from the beginning. We’ll see if they stay there.

We also have butterflies. We bought painted lady caterpillars three weeks ago. When we first secured them, they were teensy weensy dots of black, by the next week, they were huge, long, hairy caterpillars. Now they have cocooned themselves to the top of the containers’ lid. Yesterday, three of them came out to the world as butterflies. This is the third year that we have done this but it never gets old. The kids and I are still in awe at how this works.

This year we have added to our spring menagerie by acquiring tadpoles. A friend gave us some tadpoles yesterday. Some is a misleading word. There are about 100 tadpoles swimming around our glass fish bowl. We are waiting to see how this will all turn out. Tessa is quite excited to see some of these tadpoles change to frogs.

Oh, the excitement of spring!

Not only is spring a time of new birth, but it is also a realization that things are a-changing. This has hit home to me as I see the new responsibilities of Caleb. He has been helping his dad with the seeding and the fixing of machinery. He even drove the grain truck in from the field yesterday. He has also added ‘mowing grass’ to his list of chores. He learned how to drive the riding lawn mower this week.

So many changes in so little time. Be still, my mama heart.

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