Curriculum Hits & Misses–2012/2013

They are doing the annual Hits and Misses thread on the WTM forum but I can’t join in as my idiosyncratic computer won’t make paragraphs there. So I thought I would do it here.

Keep in mind, though, that if something lands on the Misses list, it does not mean that the curriculum is bad, just that it doesn’t work for us. As you will soon see one curriculum might not work with one child in our family but will do wonders with another child in aforesaid family.

Writing with Skill–Susan Wise Bauer. Emma used this for part of last year and part of this year. She loved it! She was able to do it independently, which made me loved it. The only down side with this program is that the first book in this four book series is the only one out. So we got the first book done in Jan. and then we were stuck until Aug. (when the second book comes out.) At this rate, she probably won’t get to the third book until she is in Gr.11. In the meantime, we need to find another writing program.

Jacobs Elementary Algebra–We didn’t plan on using this at the beginning of the year (more on that later) but due to my curriculum hoarding (there is a plus to being a curriculum junkie,) I had this already so we decided to try it. And, joy of joys, it worked! At least, so far it works. I am putting it in the Hits column anyway.

Apologia–Physical Science–I was a bit leery about using a textbook-based program because we don’t use too many of them. Surprisingly, though, this has been a huge hit. Emma moved seamlessly into making notes and doing the experiments all on her own. She will be the first to say, though, that some of the experiments are lame but other than that it was a hit.

Art of Argument–we tried this halfway into the school year. I was afraid that logic might go the way of latin but, yay, it hasn’t. Emma has been able to retain most of the fallacies. We will move on to the next book in the series.

Math-U-See–I am using this with Tessa now. We had been using Math Mammoth but it wasn’t too successful for her. I decided to try MUS as I didn’t know where to go next. It is working! Yay!

All in One Homeschool–I came upon this last month and am implementing it for the summer for English. It is all there with a click of the mouse. Tessa is reading Christina Rossetti’s poems, Caleb is reading Gulliver Travels and Emma is learning how to write various types of essays. I don’t know if we will continue this into next year but it is working well for now.

Math-U-See–I know, I know, I have it in the hits column and it was a hit for Tessa but it has been a miss for Emma. This confuses me because for the last four years it has been a hit for her but once we started Algebra, MUS left her bamfoozled. The program that I thought would mess her up (Jacobs) is working and the one that I thought would work (MUS) is messing her up. Go figure! I have no idea what to do for Geometry. I’ll scream about that when we get to it.

Classical Writing–I have so wanted to like this program. I have tried for the past six years to like this program. I am nothing if not persistent. I have started and stopped a few times with Emma and then started with Caleb but have decided to stop with him as well. I love CW for analyzing. For writing? It doesn’t work that well, at least not with us. I think, seeing that this is not working with either of my children, the problem just might be with the teacher. I take full responsibility for that.

Traditional Logic–Our first foray into logic was with Memoria Press’ logic and it was a dismal failure for Emma. She tried repeatedly to make it work but she found it boring and it failed to retain her interest.

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