When One of Your Own is Hurting

He is cuddled up beside me, trying not to show me that tears are coming out. He’s too old to cry, at least that is what he thinks. But as time goes on and as the thoughts play havoc with his heart, the silent tears become sobs.

He has been told that something that he was so sure of really isn’t so. Something that he had enjoyed for so many years is over. Reality has crushed his boy-man thoughts. Reality has brought the tears to fruition.

I hold him as I cry, too. My mama heart is hurting so much for him. I want to take the ache away from him. Oh, how I want to take the crush of reality away from him. I want to shelter him from this pain. But I know that I can’t.

I can, though, show him how to deal with this hurt.

We pray through the pain. I feel him relax a bit.

We read God’s Word. Psalm 91. I tell him that he is God’s Child, loved beyond thought. As I read His Word, I can feel my man-boy ease into me. The tears lessen.

I wish he didn’t have to go through this but we are experiencing something ever more powerful–the healing of God’s Word and Presence.

What a sweet feeling to have after the storm.

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