If You Feel Fear

In the dark and shadowy hours I am awakened by thunder and cascading rain.

As the rain continues, sleep eludes me.

I lay there listening to the deep rumbles and I can feel a sense of fear permeating my soul as my thoughts move to future events in my life that I would rather not live through.

The fear rises and rises as I start to feel a blanket of suffocation.

I get up, turn on the light and, instead of opening my Bible (which I should have done,) I turned on my iphone and began to surf the web.

I came upon this:
If you look within your soul and find worry, it isn’t of Christ.

If you sense shame, it isn’t of Christ.

If you feel an unexplained sense of fear, it isn’t of Christ.


Thank you, Lord, for reaching me even through a computer screen.

I can feel the fear slowly evaporating.

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One Response to If You Feel Fear

  1. Valerie says:

    That’s beautiful! šŸ˜€

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