Being an Interovert at a Family Reunion

This weekend was the family reunion for a branch of my husband’s extended family. I have met most of these people once, twelve years ago. It wasn’t a huge crowd…about 37. But when 30 of them are people you don’t know, well, that can make it a bit tense.

I am not very good with large groups of people. You put me in a room with more than 8 people and my introvertion (is that even a word?) kicks in. I did very well last night (if I do say so myself.) We got there about 4:30. We were one of the first ones to arrive so as everyone trickled in after us, I went and introduced myself and forced small talk to come out of my mouth. I am not good at small talk. Not good at all. It physically hurts me to engage in small talk. It seems so inane to me to talk about the weather or what they do at work or what they had for supper last night. Simply inane. But, last night, I did well with things of the inane.

After the small talk was dispensed with, a man sat down beside and began to engage in more small talk. Well, I had had my limit and went recklessly into the dark abyss of deep conversation. Bless that man, he followed right after me. We had such a wonderful conversation, a conversation that energized me and allowed me to get through the rest of the night.

We came home after dark (we live a half an hour away from the reunion) and then set out again this morning. We had breakfast and then more small talk. I started out good but then quickly began to peter out so I went to the trailer. My Beloved brought over the trailer so I would have a place to hide out if the social thing was stressing me out. I have to say my first thought when he said this was, “He knows me! He really knows me!”

Anyway, I hid for awhile then went and had lunch. In the afternoon we went to a nearby town that was celebrating their hundred years as a town. We had a family team in a slo-pitch tournament. That was lots of fun. I did well with this, too.

Then things started to go downhill from there. I went back to the reunion before everyone else to give me some time to myself. Supper came soon afterwards and I felt a bit unhinged. I just couldn’t do the small talk thing again. I had filled up my quota for the weekend. I needed to get out of there. I needed to get home–where I didn’t have to talk, didn’t have to cheer people on as they were playing baseball–I could just be.

My Beloved, Tessa and Caleb were going to stay overnight tonight in the trailer and Emma and I were going to go home…and stay there. I knew that my body could not handle three days of a family reunion. Two days was my limit. (I am a woman who knows her limit.) I was planning to leave tonight at 10:00.

That was the plan.

But I knew at 7:30 that I needed to head for the hills. I could not do this anymore. So we left.

We have been home for two hours now and I am still feeling a bit unhinged. I need to read a book.

That is what introverts love to do: read a book. At least this introvert does.

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