First Day

Today was the first day of our school year. After a month of sporadic, and at times frenzied, planning and organizing, it was time to lift the curtains and let the play begin.

It began at the creek. We packed everything up and went to our trailer at the creek to have our first day of school. We had cinnamon buns and orange juice, sitting out on the beach (well, the creek version of a beach) while reading the Bible and Gilgamesh. This sets the scene for how I want the next year to be. I want it to be about experience–not high excitement, busy experience but rather calm, warm, peaceful experience. Warm, fuzzy experience. This is what I am aiming for this year.

At lunch time, my Beloved brought down the barbecue and we had lunch. We listened to the age-old songs on Dad’s iphone and played catch. Emma decided that she had had enough of the bugs (according to her, creek bugs are much bigger than ordinary bugs) so she went home with her dad. The other two stayed with me to finish up their math. Even that was cut short by a rainstorm. It was a good thing that we left when we did as it would have been tricky getting up the hill or getting through the lentil field with the downpour of rain that we received.

All in all, it was a grace-filled day. There were only a few instances of “I haven’t done this for two months and I have forgotten this.” I consider that a success.

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