What We Are Doing This Year 2013/14

I thought I would post what we are using as far as curriculum for this school year.

Bible–well, the title says it all. We will be reading from the Bible. I haven’t decided yet what books of the Bible we will be reading. Emma will also be reading books on apologetics, biographies and worldview. I will post that list later.

Math–Emma: Jacobs Elementary Algebra. I was hoping to use Jacobs for geometry later this year but I have heard that it is out of print. Wouldn’t ya know it? We might have to go back to MUS. Not sure how that will turn out.
Caleb: BJU Pre-Algebra. We will be going through this slloowwllyy.
Tessa: MUS We are going to be tackling division…wish us luck.

Language Art–Emma:Grammar(Mother Tongue Bk 2,) writing(Writing with Skill 2, narrations, writing papers), copywork, dictation,
Caleb: Grammar(Mother Tongue Bk 2), writing(Classical Composition), copywork, dictation
Tessa: Grammar(Mother Tongue Bk 1), writing(Classical Composition), copywork, dictation

History–will all be together. Emma will be doing history alongside literature with reading the Great Books. I will be loosely using Tapestry of Grace as my guide.

Science–Emma:Apologia Biology. Along with using a textbook, she will be reading living books for dealing with biology. I will post a list on another post.
Caleb and Tessa: Discovering Nature

Logic–Emma:Traditional Logic

Latin– we are going to attempt latin yet again this year. Emma is doing this under duress but the two youngers asked to do latin. Yeah, I was surprised, too.
Emma: Henle Latin
Caleb and Tessa: a combination of Latina Ponti and Minimus

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4 Responses to What We Are Doing This Year 2013/14

  1. Sarah Cates says:

    We have been doing Jacobs “A Human Endeavor” over the summer to see how we like his books, and my son who detests math has really been enjoying the style of his teaching. The books are out of print, but I was able to snag one along with a teacher’s book on ebay.

  2. Carol says:

    Found your blog at Cindy’s Wednesday with Words & have enjoyed reading. My Father’s World has Jacob’s Geometry. They reprinted an interim spiral version. http://www.mfwbooks.com/products/M50/60/0/0/1#7th-12th

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