Week 1

We finished our first week of the 2013-2014 school year. It was a success.

We only did a half load this week to help acclimate us back into the world of learning. I am glad that we did it this way as it helped me see some of the troubles we may encounter when we get to a full load. As it is, with only a half load, Emma still did not get done each day until around 3:00. Oops! We need to think some things through as we add in the other things.

We are all enjoying our reading of Gilgamesh. I read the original with all 3 of the children and then later on in the day I read the younger version to Caleb and Tessa. This helps them to understand the entire story. They are fine with a double reading. We have been discussing the similarities of friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu and that of David and Jonathon.

I know that it is only the first week but latin is going well for all 3. The two youngers and myself are going through Latina Ponti (can be found through Lulus) and matching it up with Minimus. Caleb is catching on to conjugating quicker than thought he would. Next week we are moving on to nouns.

The hard part of this week for both Caleb and Emma was writing the narrations. I am asking that they write one narration a day. Most of the narrations that Caleb writes are based on the literature book that we are reading at the time but Emma will be writing a narration on a different subject book for each day. So, Mon. she might write a narration on Gilgamesh, Tues. will be on her history book, Wed. on her science book, etc. She is finding this difficult. She has always wrote narrations on literature only. Writing on non-fiction books is turning out to be a challenge for her. I keep telling Emma that challenges are good. She is loathe to believe me.

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