Revisiting Latin

I have tried numerous times to teach latin to my kids. I cannot explain in a logic and rational manner why this is so important to me: it just is. We started latin with Emma when she was 6. We did well until we moved on to Latina Christiana. That did not work out well. We tried Minimus. That was lots of fun but not much learning took place. We tried Latin for Children. Nope, that did not work either. Now we are up to Gr. 8. We move on to Henle and this is the first time that we have some success but we ssputter, putter, cough and die.

Emma is getting a bit tired of my persistent streak. She wishes that I would give this up. Let the boat sink and die already. But I cannot. I need to keep trying. So we are still with Henle, starting off where we ended last year. So far, so good. I know, it is only the second week but I need to keep positive.

The younger two are doing well. When we tried this with them two years ago, Caleb had difficulty with the vocab but he is doing well with that now. We are using a myriad of resources (a plus to being a curriculum junkie–you have lots to supplement with.) For our core program we are using Latina Ponti by Elizabeth Harvey (you can find it online at Lulus.) For supplementing, we are using Minimus and Learning Latin Through Mythology. The latter is a bit tricky but they have fun activities. Last week, we read Atalanta and Hippomenes. For our activity the kids made their own board game out of cardboard and the squares of the game were all in character with the myth. It was fun.

We are also playing with homemade latin puzzles. I cut out strips of index cards and write out a case on each strip. The case endings go on their own strips as well. The kids put the cases in order along with the case endings. I also made these same kind of puzzles for declining nouns. I write the stem of a word on 10 strips of index cards. I also write the endings on their own strip as well. The kids put the pieces together and in order.

I do not know how far we will get this time but we are enjoying this experience. As I am learning this year so far, it is all in the experience.

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