Well, we did it! We read our first Great Book and lived to tell the tale. Wahoo! I have to say that this was an extremely enjoyable experience for all. I was a bit leery to read these heavy duty books to all three kids. I hear many homeschool moms say not to read the Great Books to kids in elementary school as there is lots of time for this kind of reading for when they are older. I ruminated on these words but decided to go with my instinct and read to all so that discussion could take place.

At least for this book, it was the right decision. We have had some great discussions these past two weeks. The most memorable one was when I asked whether Gilgamesh should have killed Humbaba. Great thoughts came tumbling forth. We are not a discussing family so this warmed my heart. This particular discussion wound its way to capital punishment. The kids asked to have a mock trial to try this particular issue. It was great fun.

We also acted out a few scenes from the book. The rest of the week was for discussion using The Well-Educated Mindby Susan Wise Bauer and Omnibus I by Veritas Press for resource helps. Emma also wrote a paper on Gilgamesh as well. Writing papers is a painful experience for my girl so we will be starting out easy and gradually work our way up. Up until now Emma has written papers that require research. We will now move onto papers that will need an opinion and to back that opinion up with proof. I opened this up to the other two so that we could all discuss it and help Tessa with her thoughts.

Whew! Having such a positive experience with this little book has given me confidence and excitement for the next book. Next week, Emma will be reading Genesis on her own then she will read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology,then we move on to the granddaddy of them all The Iliad. I am excited and scared all mixed into one. Oh, the dramatizations we can have with this one!

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