Wednesday With Words

I am slowly making my way through James K.A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom. Slowly being the operative word. What with harvest, school, and chauffeuring a boy to football practise, slow is all I can do. I have made it to Ch. 3 and, so far, I am enjoying this book.

Other habits are what we would call thick, or meaning-full. These are habits that play a significant role in shaping, who we are. Engaging in these habit-forming practices not only says something about us, but also keeps shaping us into that kind of person. So thick habits often both signal and shape our core values or our most significant desires. Here’s where we would often locate religious habits and practices; going to Sunday worship, engaging in daily prayer, meeting with others for support and encouragement. (Pg. 83)

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One Response to Wednesday With Words

  1. Julia,
    It took me about 2 months to read this book but I think that is good. It sticks with you longer, I think, the longer you take to read.

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