A Visitor in the Night

A few nights ago, I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and could not get back to sleep (all due to that blasted menopause. I am in the thick of things right now and it ain’t pretty–just sweaty and sleep-deprived.) I laid in bed for a half an hour and then decided to just get up and read.

I slipped out of bed and quietly made my way to the bathroom and then to the living room. I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks: the front door was wide open. The kids had used the front door the night before to jump on the trampoline and had, obviously, not shut it tight after them. I quickly shut it and then looked and listened for any sounds that might betray an intruder. Now, when I say an intruder, I do not mean the human variety, we live out in no man’s land so I don’t have much fear of that but I do have a fear of an animal intruder. This could be in the form of a domesticated kind or a wild one.

I listened for a full minute. Nothing. I moved my way to the couch and turned on the light. That is when I heard it; the sound. It was a muted sound of movement. This sound could have been from one of our 26 barn cats. It could have been from the dog but he is scared of coming into the house so I was pretty sure it wasn’t him. The sound could also have been from a raccoon or a skunk.

With that thought I woke up my beloved. He took my news better than I had thought he would. He got up and went to the bathroom. Seriously? There is a creature in our house and the first thing you do is to go the bathroom? I hovered in the bedroom doorway, listening to the noises in the family room and praying that my Beloved would hurry up already with his business.

My Beloved thought that it was one of the cats but I didn’t think so because this creature was quiet as if he knew he didn’t belong here. Finally, my wait was over. My Beloved went into the family room and was greeted by the dog! Whew! it was only the dog. The dog? The dog who refuses steadfastly to come into the house? The dog who is scared of the house? That dog? Yep. That dog. An open door was just too much of a temptation even for a scaredy-cat of a dog.

Well, he might have been scared to come into the house but now that he was in, he was too scared to go out. He would not leave. We tried to coax, entice, bribe him with meat but even that wouldn’t work. He would not budge from his spot in the kitchen. We had to push him across the linoleum floor into the laundry room. He tried to thwart us by ducking into the bathroom but we stopped him just in time. But we could not get him down the steps into the back hall. My Beloved had to pick him up and deposit him outside. This was no easy feat. You try lifting a Border Collie who has had way too many Beggin’ Strips in his lifetime. That puppy was heavy. I even had a hard time pushing him across the floor.

So we got the dog out. It was now close to 5:00 in the morning. l went to pick up my reading and I left my Beloved in the family room muttering under his breath about kids and open doors.

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