Wednesday With Words

I am in the middle of Chapter 5 of Desiring the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith. I am slowly getting to the finish line. I was plodding diligently through the middle but it has now picked up. I am enjoying his talk of worship and what that looks like for different people and different churches.

All Christian worship…is liturgical in the sense that it is governed by norms, draws on a tradition, includes bodily rituals or routines, and involves formative practices. For instance, though Pentecostal worship is often considered to be the antithesis of liturgy, it actually includes many of the same elements: charismatic worship is very embodied ( hands raised in praise, kneeling at the altar in prayer, laying on hands in hope; it has a common, unwritten routine (“praise” music, followed by quieter “worship” music, followed by the sermon and then often “altar time”); and these practices of Pentecostal worship is liturgical…

This quote struck me deeply. I used to go to a Pentecostal church. I loved it there. The worship was so pure and real. I always felt that I was on the fringe of believers because the Pentecostal church was viewed as wild and crazy. Putting forth Smith’s definition of liturgy, though, it puts Pentecostal churches as a church which practises liturgy. The liturgy of Pentecostal churches is more of a rhythm or a routine but it is one that still calls forth people to worship.

Come join us at Ordo Amoris for Wednesday With Words and find out what words others are enjoying.

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