The End of Crazy Busy

The last two months have been extremely busy for our family. What with football, harvest, schooling and gardening(canning, freezing,) life has been full. This busyness was intentional, though. I deliberately made dentist and doctor appointments during this time so that we would get everything done and over with during the fall months.

I know that these months will be a time of craziness, a time of exhaustion, a time of insanity. I also know, though, that this time is only for a season. We do everything during the autumn months and then we get to stay home for the winter. There will still be youth group, gymnastics and drama club but compared to the past little while winter will be a time of quiet.

Oh, I am so looking forward to this.

I am looking forward to: doing school without the time pressure of appointments or outside activities, baking, actually having time to clean the house, going on hikes by the creek, burning candles and reading. I forget what it is like to read a book for pure enjoyment, that hasn’t happened in a while.

I am looking forward to just being.

And that should start to happen next week.

I can’t wait.

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