End of October Daybook

I have seen many Daybook posts all over the web for years but just never took the time to do my own. I am taking the time now.

Outside my window– It is snowing. It is our third snow this year but I think it will be the first one with any staying power. I so like the snow…when I don’t have to drive in it.

I am thankful for-for other people’s words and that these people have the courage to release their words in print so that others, like myself, can benefit from them.

I am thinking-about the various ways that I am able to live my art (more on that later.)

Learning all the time-our learning time has taken a hit these last few weeks due to some life bumps but Emma, thankfully, works on her own so the bumps haven’t effected her much. We are able to get math done with Caleb and reading with Tessa but that has been it. Morning Time, though, has been resuscitated and is going oh-so-strong so I am not worrying about the other.

From the kitchen– I made, for the first time, squash soup. I don’t particularly like squash so it felt weird making the soup but I loved the soup! It was yummy good.

I am creating-I have recently taken up knitting. I have always wanted to knit but never took the time to learn (well, for truth’s sake, I did learn 30 years ago but that was a lifetime ago and I have forgotten everything I learned back then.) I am taking the time now. I bought a learner’s kit from WallMart and am attempting to knit a scarf.

I am hoping-to be able stay home for most of the week.

I am reading I just finished A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman. This is a life-changer for me. I will write more on this later. My fluff book of the week is Where Did Bernadette Go? by Maria Semple. The kids and I are reading The Iliad together as well.

I am hearing-the wind blow outside and that is it. The girls are downstairs doing something quietly and Caleb is at the cabin with his dad watching football.

Clicking aroundCindy is finishing up her 31 day series on Morning Time this week. I have been so blessed by her generosity in explaining how she specifically carries out MT. This has been so encouraging to me. Thank you, Cindy.
Brandy is doing another 31 day series but hers is on Charlotte Mason. Again, these writings have helped me to clarify some things.
Sarah has listed some of her favourite podcasts which deal with educational philosophy. My favourite one, Teaching Liturgy by Jenny Rallens, is on that list.

Around the House– sigh I don’t want to talk about it. Again, sigh.

Plans for the week-Oh, yay! I don’t have many plans for this week. I have waited two months to be able to say that. Caleb has a wind-up dinner for his football team this week. His team won the championship again this year so there is much need to celebrate. This won’t affect me, though, because his dad is taking him. Thursday will be Tessa’s last time for Trick or Treating. We have a family understanding that age 10 is the last year to go out for Hallowe’en. Tessa wants to go out with a bang. She has decided to be a character in her all-time favourite movie, The Wizard of Oz–Dorothy. She is so excited.

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