6 Things that I learned in October

I learned a few things this month.

1)Squash soup is yummy. I don’t really like squash but I kept reading online about people making squash soup and it sounded intriguing. So I made some. Yep, all of those people were right. It was quite good. The recipe I used called for potatoes, celery, carrots and, of course, squash. This is a keeper.

2)–I learned how to knit! I bought a starter’s kit at WalMart and proceeded to teach myself how to knit and purl. Yay for me!

3)–The word ‘art’ does not necessarily mean that of painting, drawing or sculpting. Art can mean anything one does that displays the glory of God. That definition opens up a whole new world.

4)–It takes great courage to find one’s art. It also requires vulnerability to sweep through as well.

5)–I am perfectly capable of growing vegetables and freezing/canning them. For the past 14 years I have failed miserably at gardening, yet I keep plugging away at it. My perseverance paid off this year. I have finally known success as far as produce goes. I was able to freeze tomato sauce from that success.

6)–I have always implemented Morning Time into our daily rhythm but, this month, I learned about the nuts and bolts of MT. Cindy at Ordo Amoris shared all of the practicalities of MT. Her detailed posts helped immensely and encouraged me to start back with poetry and Shakespeare. I am also thinking about putting grammar into MT as well. I just need to give this a bit more thought.

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