Weekend of Reading

I have been down for the count for the last few days. I was slammed by a migraine on Wed. morning and then quickly received 2 more on Thurs. They were all of the heavy duty variety so there was no ‘get on with life.’ It has been the couch for me since Wed. I can’t go on the computer when I have a migraine but, strangely enough, I can read. As a result, there was a whole swack of reading done during this last week.

The quirkiest book by far that I just finished is Where’d You Go, Bernadette? written by Maria Semple. I loved Bernadette. She was one of the few female architects in a sea of males. Not only was she a female architect, she also won a very prestigious award due to her original designs. She dumped it all, though, for marriage and kids. She married Elgin and gave birth to Bee,a little girl who grew up to be a precocious being.

The story begins when Bee is older (this is a point of confusion, all through the book I think that Bee is 12 but in the last chapter there is something said about her being 15. Hence, the point of confusion) and is getting ready to transfer to another school. Her mom gets into a nasty fight with the neighbour, her dad has an affair and then her mom disappears off of the face of the earth. The book leads us up to the disappearance and then lets us in as to what happened. All of this is done through letters, emails and other sent missives. I usually do not like this kind of book but it is so quirky that it lends itself well to the letter-writing style.

Then I moved on to The Peculiar by Stefan Bachman. This is a fairy story–good fairies and bad fairies. Bartholomew is a changeling. As a changeling, no one likes him. Life is hard and sad. He wants to meet a fairy to take him away from this hard life. Be careful of what you wish. I did like this book. The storyline was a bit confusing to follow in the beginning but the writing made up for that. Bachman is adept at painting pictures with words. I am skimmer at heart but I made myself slow down when reading these pages because I did not want to miss any of the word pictures.

Lastly, I am now reading The Beekeeper’s Apprenticeby Laurie R. King. I am just getting ready to crack open the first page so don’t know if it is any good or not but I do know that Sherlock Holmes is one of the characters. I have just heard about these books fairly recently but, apparently, this book was published in 1994. Where have I been? Anyway, I am looking forward to delving into this story.

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