Wednesday With Words–The Intellectual Life

I bought this book (An Intellectual Life by A.G.Sertillanges) a few weeks ago. I haven’t started it yet but as I was thumbing through the pages, these quotes jumped out at me.

…you must simplify your life. You have a difficult journey before you–do not burden yourself with too much baggage. Perhaps you are not absolutely free to do this, and so you think there is no use in laying down rules. That is a mistake. Given the same external circumstances, a desire for simplification can do much, and what one cannot do outwardly, one an always remove from one’s soul.

Do not let yourself get entangled in that mesh of occupations which little by little monopolizes time, thought, resources, powers. Conventions must not dictate to you. Be your own guide; obey your convictions, not mere custom, and the convictions of an intellectual must correspond to the goal at which he is aiming. (Pg. 42)

I am linked up with Ordo Amoris for Wednesday With Words.

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5 Responses to Wednesday With Words–The Intellectual Life

  1. ladydusk says:

    This makes sense, but I don’t *wanna*! Thanks for the encouragement I have this book on my shelf from Dr. Perrin’s recommendation; I keep avoiding it, though.

    • I first heard about this book from Dr. Perrin as well, Dawn. From what he said about it, I was intimidated by it but after reading the little bit that I posted, I am now intrigued.

  2. Lisa says:

    I am also reading this book right now. I’m finding it to be slow going because there is so much to think about in each section of each chapter. Great stuff!

  3. I started this book a few years ago but then never got very far, not because it is not good but just because of life. It does sound really wonderful.

  4. I really think that cleaning weighs me down and encumbers me. Do you think I could get away with dropping it? đŸ™‚

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