Sabbath Week

It is time yet again for another Sabbath Week. (thank goodness!) These weeks present themselves every 6 weeks. It is at this time that we take a rest from all that is going on around us–namely school. There are times when my life hinges upon these little pockets of rest. This week is one of those times.

I also appreciate these rest periods as a time to contemplate the progress of the last 6 weeks and think of different things we can do to help things along, if they do indeed need some help. Most weeks, though, it just gives the kids a time to relax and do the things that they don’t have time to do during the school weeks.

This week we have played out in the snow (yes, we have enough snow to play out in,) made cupcakes (and experimented with decorating bags,) gone for walks and went to the big city to watch our Premier and the Leader of the Opposition natter back and forth at each other during Question Period (this gave me a headache but we did find it interesting.) We also were able to go to Chapters while we were in the city–an added bonus to our trip.

The week is just about over and then it is back to The Iliad (will it ever end, I ask you?) Shakespeare, latin, geometry and diagramming. Back to real life.

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