The power went out today. Again. It has gone out often during the past few months.

The kids started griping that they didn’t have anything to do. I counteracted their gripings with one word. “Read.” That didn’t sound as enticing to them as it did to me. As I became engrossed in Harold Fry’s travels (The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce–excellent book) I heard chatterings and gigglings of all 3 kids. I looked over the back of the couch to see what was causing these sounds of delight. What I saw surprised me.

They were all kneeling around a white cotton sheet. I looked at the black and red markings displayed on this sheet and I was thrown back 7 years when I first made that sheet for Caleb. We spent his K year exploring many delightful literary worlds via Five in a Row. I drew an imaginary village on this sheet complete with roads and community buildings. I believe this village came to be when we read a Virginia Lee Burton book. The title escapes me but it was about a snowplow (Katy the Snowplow? Nah, that does not sound right.)

At that time, that sheet got a lot of play time. All of the kids spent oodles of time pushing their matchbox cars down and around the streets of that make-believe town. As with all things, the village was put away as the years melted away and the kids became older. My heart skipped a beat this afternoon when I recognized the sheet and its markings.

The power was out for 3 hours. All 3 of those hours were spent pushing matchbox cars down and around the streets of childhood charm.

I am so glad that I didn’t throw that sheet out.

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