As a child, I had no idea about Advent, even after I became a believer Advent was just lighting the candles and talking about peace, joy and hope. Now, though, Advent has become a time of waiting and of simplicity.

I have intentionally kept our Advent season to be one of simplicity. We don’t fill our time with Christmas concerts, Christmas parties or get-togethers. We just spend time together watching Christmas movies, occasionally baking goodies and playing games. This season has become a time for family.

We also take this time to think on and focus on Christ. This year, we are using Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift as well as Bartholomew’s Passageby Arnold Yreetide to help us focus on the coming of Christ.

It has taken me a long time to understand the full meaning of Advent but I have to say that this Advent season has meant so much to me. In spending time with family and having that time to ponder on Jesus and His gift to us, I finally get it.

I guess I am a slow learner.

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