A Blessed Christmas

We had a peaceful, quiet Christmas this year. It was one of the better ones, I must say. Of the 15 years that my husband and I have been married, this is only the 5th year that we have stayed home for Christmas. I have to say, though, that the more we do it the better we are at it. I am not a turkey-cooking kind of girl (cleaning the turkey always results in my throwing up) so there were a few of those 5 Christmases where turkey was not part of our celebration. With the influx of pre-stuffed turkeys, though, our Christmases have been saved. To the Christmas traditionalists I know that these turkeys would be the cause of much head shaking but to those of us who are happy to have turkey in any way it comes (or with any kind of stuffing) Christmas has, indeed, been saved.

Our entire family has agreed this year that we prefer the Christmases where we can stay home for the holidays. We like staying in our jammies all day grazing on chocolate, cinnamon buns and homemade bits’n’bites, playing games and trying on and out all of our presents. The simplicity of this day suits us well.

One other thing I have noticed this year is in regards to presents. My children have never given me a Christmas wish list. Even when they were little they never had any suggestions for me as to what they wanted for Christmas. So I would just give them what I thought they would like and/or need. This year, though, I was given suggestions by all three. These lists put pressure on me to make sure that they are all filled. I don’t like this. I know that I didn’t have to buy all that they asked for but after 14 years of having no requests I felt a certain obligation that their first year of lists be one of success.

And it was. Whew! Tessa was ecstatic with her camera and her charm bracelet. Caleb is excited for spring to come so he can try out his new fishing pole and Emma is delighted with her new fashion boots. I did good.

Our quiet day began with our traditional Christmas breakfast of pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. We moved into the living room where we unfilled stockings then moved on to the presents. The rest of the day was spent in trying out new games (they have a new level of Q-Bits that excites my heart so,) munching on snacks, loading up new computer games, reading and watching the second season of Once Upon A Time (a Christmas gift to me from my people. I haven’t seen the first season yet but we are throwing caution to the wind and jumping in to the second offering because neither Emma nor I can wait until Amazon delivers the first year.) It was then time to prepare for the Christmas feast. After that was inhaled we watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters which was a gift to all. By that time, I was ready for bed. Even a quiet simple Christmas can be exhausting. Exhausting but delightful.

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