Things Heard Around My House Today

Emma had her first day of school today. Well, actually, her first class today. She has to take a Driver’s Ed course before she can get her learner’s permit. Of course school is the only place where she can get it (she could take the course elsewhere but then she would have to wait until she is 16 to get her learner’s. That’s not an option for this girl.) So I had been prepping her all morning for her noon class.

“Okay, now you can’t just go to the bathroom in the middle of class, you have to ask first. You can’t just talk out loud, if you have a question, raise your hand and the teacher will ask you what you want.”

She looks at me quite amused. “Mom, I know what school is like. I’ve watched movies.”

Right. Silly me. Oh, and how did her first day of class go? We are still waiting on that. Her dad drove her to the school only to find out that it was canceled. In my defense,when I signed up Emma for the class, I did ask what would happen if class was canceled. I was told the teacher would call me. Note to self, call every Thurs. morning to prevent this from happening again.

Caleb was working on his writing. He is working on imitating narratives. In imitating the story The Rose, he was writing a sentence to describe Adonis. He started with “Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis who was handsome, strong and…” He faltered. Mom, ever to the rescue, interjected, “and lovely to look at.” Caleb looked at me, startled.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing,” he then continues on writing, “Adonis, who was handsome, strong and…spectacular.”

“You didn’t like lovely to look at?

He shakes his head, “No, that’s too girlie for me.”

My mom is having heart surgery in the near future. I have decided to go and help her when she comes home from the hospital. I am going by myself and this is a hard thing for my kids to handle, especially the youngest one. Today, I asked my husband if we had enough money for me to go to my mom’s. He replied that, yes, we did have enough money for me to go.

Tessa was sitting beside me and I could see that she was holding back tears. She asks timidly, “Do we have enough money to bring her back?”

She was assured that I would, indeed, come back to her. You could see the relief course through her body.

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