January Daybook

Outside my window–January has been a fairly calm month, weather-wise. It has been mostly warm and not much snow at all. In fact, the snow is melting in the back yard.

I am thankful for— a man who goes skating with us even though he knows he will be the only man in a group of women. This same man has agreed to take me to the movies to see ‘Saving Mr. Banks’–a movie that he has no desire to see. I am full of warm mushiness right now.

I am thinking— about what the next move is going to be academically for Caleb. We need to make some changes in how he is being taught. I have some options but I am not sure if any of them will work. Hmmm.

From the kitchen— there has been a great deal of cooking and baking this week. It is birthday week here on the prairie. Tessa’s birthday was on Tuesday and Caleb’s was on Thursday. This means that there are two birthday meals and two birthday cakes to make and eat. Tessa’s choice for her birthday meal was tacos (Daddy was happy as that is his fav, too.) Caleb asked for perogies and sausage (not a healthy choice but it is the boy’s birthday so I said nothing and made it.)

I am creating— cakes and cupcakes for above mentioned birthdays.

I am reading— this week I finished ‘Loving Frank’ by Nancy Horan–a fictionalized account of the affair of Mamah Borthwick and Frank Lloyd Wright. Mamah’s story has stayed with me throughout the week. I also read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman–a very strange read but I did enjoy it. I am now reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things I had read her Eat, Pray, Love and enjoyed it immensely. In fact, I am reading it again for the second time around. I didn’t know, though, if I would like fiction by her. I do! The book is set in the 1700’s and travels on into the next century. I am not finding much time to read this week so it is slow going but I have hopes for the weekend.

I am learning –how to be still. There have been many little crisis this month that have fostered anxiety and fear. I am learning to take it all to the Lord and hover in stillness. Things are good.

Clicking around –I am just going to give you links to these women’s blogs, rather than to the exact post because the blogs are just so good that if you don’t already know about them, you should.

Mystie has started a book club on the book, Desiring the Kingdom, I have to say that I am surprised that so many people do not like this book. I have yet to hear all good about it. Most of the posts slam Mr. Smith for being too wordy or for having a messed up theological view but then they mention a few surface things he got right so they can end on a positive note. I guess I am just not a very deep, critical thinker. Yes, it was wordy and, at times, was hard to wade through but the things that I did get out of that book impacted me so deeply that I have a soft spot for that book.

Sarah will be starting a new series on Teaching From a State of Rest in February. She has listed the topics that she will write on and they look very good. She also has a weekly link up for G.K.Chesterton quotes. Again, I must not be a very deep thinker because some of those quotes make my head hurt.

Cindy always has good posts so I will just do the obligatory link to her because you will always find good thoughts there.

Around the house –other than baking birthday food there is not much happening around here. After 9 years of homeschooling, I have finally resigned myself to the fact that my house is going to be a mess while I am teaching my children. I cannot do everything. Some people are perfectly able to teach their kids, prep for that and keep a clean house. I, sadly, am not one of them. I am able to do Band-Aid cleaning but that is as far as I can go right now and, while I am not okay with it, I accept it and will not beat myself up over it anymore.

On that note, here ends the monthly edition of my daybook.

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