A Day of Interruptions

It was one of those days. You know the kind. You start the day with a whispered prayer that it will be a day of successes, a day of graces, a day of blessings. (Well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.) But from the very beginning nothing goes the way that you had planned. It is a day of interruptions (after interruptions, after interruptions.) Yes, I know that you have had them, probably many of them so you could probably tell me how it all played out. Well, I’ll go first anyway.

We didn’t have much in the way of school last week so I had great expectations for this week. This week was going to be a ‘nose to the grindstone’ kind of week. Even the beginning of the day didn’t meet those expectations. I started the day with two less children (they were spending the night with their dad at the cabin.) It is very difficult to teach school when you are missing your students. Emma and I did try to go on without them. We started our morning with a reading from The Odyssey.

Okay, reading done. No kids. Do the dishes. No kids. Put a load of laundry into the washer. No kids. Put in an order of curriculum for school. It is now 10:30 and still no kids. I sent Emma over to the cabin to force them home. It is now 10:45 when all 3 of them stumble into the house.

Okay, lets start anew. We get everyone settled with food because even though they had breakfast it is mid-morning and everyone needs a snack at that time. So, the food is doled out, drinks are poured, stories are told of all that occurred the night before. I get Caleb set up on the computer so he can begin English. He is to read The Idylls of King Arthur by Tennyson. I advise him to read the summary first and then attempt to read the original text. I tell him to read through the summary slowly. He tells me that it is way too long to read. I tell him to give it a try. He tells me that he cannot possibly read all of those long words. I tell him to please give it a try. He tells me….and on it goes until he finally decides, begrudgingly, to give it a try.

I get Tessa set up to have a reading lesson with me. Just as I have all of the reading tiles set out on the table, Emma comes up to tell me that her science lesson for the day is to look at slides of amoebas and other like creatures with the microscope. Would we all like to look at the slides with her? I would really like to decline but that would not be a good home educating mother thing to do so I say as ebulliently as I can muster that ‘sure, we would love to come down with you.” We traipse downstairs to the school room but find that the microscope isn’t working properly and we can’t see these creatures. This history and English loving mama knows from many past experiences that I will not be able to figure that microscope out so I leave Emma to persevere and I go back to Tessa’s reading lesson.

Tessa is halfway through her lesson when Emma comes up with a huge smile of success on her lips. Yes! She has it all figured out and would we like to go back down? Cough, cough, sputter, sputter. Sure we will go down, who needs to learn to read anyway? I have to say, though, it was cool to see those creatures. They looked anywhere from tiny mushrooms to pieces of rice. We were amazed.

After I instructed Emma on how to make sketches of the slides, we went back upstairs to finish the reading lesson and have Caleb tell me all that happened in that first section of the King Arthur poem (he did a wonderful job with his narration. I was so happy for his success as narrations are hard for Caleb.)

Then it was lunch time.

We didn’t get much school done during that time of interruptions but we did have a great time of learning, of discussing, of just plain living. It was a day of graces and of blessings. And mama did not blow her top, not even once. She just went with the flow–a huge blessing right there.

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