Odds and Ends

This weeks was to be a super busy week. At the beginning of it, it looked like we would be gone every day. But God in his mercy sent uber cold weather our way so we were able to stay home. Yay! We were planning to go skating on Tuesdays with some friends but the temps changed my mind. I spent the afternoon with my Beloved instead. We went to the cabin (actually it is a converted garage which is across the road from our house) to watch movies. It was quite peaceful, watching James Bond in the warm coziness of a wood burning stove. My Beloved made supper for me as well. It was hard to come back to the house and brace real life.

The book discussion group that Emma participates in is ending this week. Next up is her essay. She was given a choice of 4 topics. She chose to write on how and why Pre-Raphaelite art was influenced by Arthurian legends. This whole experience has been so good for Emma. She has written many essays but none that needed a well-thought out thesis. She is in the midst of writing it now. I have to say that, so far, she is doing really well. She still needs mentoring on how to organize a thesis paper but the actual writing was quite good. Whew!

I received a thoroughly unexpected surprise in the mail yesterday. I received the first ever magazine by the Circe Institute. Wahoo! I was so shocked when I saw on the cover of the envelope that Andrew Kern was sending something to me. I did not expect this (obviously) because I live in Canada. I did not think they would send these outside of the States but, bless their hearts, they did. Again, wahoo! So while I was sitting in the car waiting for Emma to finish her drivers ed class, I read the article about beholding by Andrew Kern. His words brought tears to my eyes. Can there be a better word-deliverer than Andrew Kern. I am not sure.

I finished reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I am not sure if I have read a book that I disliked as much as this book. It amazes me that I even finished the thing. I kept waiting for the story to pick up, for the characters to receive consequences for their selfish behaviours and decisions but they never did. The story was blah from the beginning to the end. Now I am reading Howards End is on the Landing by Susan Hill. This is much better. Now I am in the company of a good writer. Whew! It is so good to be back home.

Emma and I are watching the first season of Once Upon A Time. We did things backwards–we watched the second season first then went back to the beginning to clear out some of the cobwebs that the second season placed in our brains. We have already decided that when we are done the first season we will re-watch the second season so that everything will fit nicely into place. Then, after three years of asking, Emma and I will watch Lost together. She is over-the-moon happy. That girl is so much like her mother. It scares me.

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