The Calming of Words

The dam has burst. The tears are falling; landing on me, on her math book, everywhere.

She looks at me with eyes full of tears, confusion and exhaustion. There is also a look of failure.

She doesn’t understand why this has to be so hard.

Neither do I.

I hold her tight. I wrap my arms, legs and heart around her and hold her ever so tight. I want to squeeze the tears and the pain away. so far away.

We stay like this for awhile then I reach for a book.

It’s a new book. One that we don’t know too much about. But it doesn’t matter because it is a story. A story that she can lose herself in. A story that she can use to forget reality…at least for awhile.

I read the words.

I feel her grip on me loosen.

I feel relief flow throughout her body.

She listens.

She is now in a park watching a bunch of crows snatching a baby away, out over the town and towards the wilderness.

She has forgotten the tears and the exhaustion that learning deposited upon her just a few minutes ago.

The words have replaced all of that with calm and stillness.

Oh, the power of words and story.

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2 Responses to The Calming of Words

  1. Stacie says:

    My heart goes out to you! Your little one is so blessed to have you at her side with your hugs, your stories, and your endless quest for ways to help and support her. I’m sending you a big hug because us moms need them as much as our kids at moments like that.

  2. Stacie, thank you for the hug and the encouraging words.

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