Odds and Ends for the Week

I had high blogging hopes for this past week. I have lots to blog about–The Living Page, Beauty in the Word by Stratford Caldecott, Jenny Rallen’s video on teaching virtue– the post topics go on and on. Unfortunately, time does not. I didn’t seem to have enough time this week to actually sit down and blog. This is where I stick in my mantra for 2014– Maybe next week. Insert snicker here.

This was my first full week of being home. We should have started right back with school because there hasn’t been a lot of that happening lately; school, that is. I decided, though, that we needed a week off to just be…and clean. Another decision was that we will probably have to do school through the summer months this year. Yeah, not too happy about that and the kids won’t be either once I tell them. I am holding off on the good news until next week. I didn’t want to ruin their holiday week with bad news.

So, the things that happened this week.

I did get half of the house cleaned. Yay for me. This was a biggie.

We bought notebooks as we are going to attempt to keep some of the notebooks described in Laurie Bestvater’s book, The Living Page. I will talk about this later, maybe next week? We did buy notebooks for our poetry books, nature notebooks and history notebooks. Tessa was so excited about her poetry book that she started writing in it already.

We have been surrounded by all things Frozen this week. I, myself, have only seen the DVD twice but Tessa has seen it 7 times. Her friend has the Frozen CD so when her friend came for a play this week, Frozen music played all. day. long. Frozen plays (aka dramatic play, imaginative play) have been orchestrated all week with anyone who is willing to put on a play with her. We talk about what is the funniest part of the play, who is our favourite character, who has the prettiest clothes, and it goes on and on and on. I kinda like it.

Speaking of obsessions, Emma and I have resumed our daily watching spree of LOST. We are now on Season 2, which I have to say is my favourite season. There is one cliffhanger after another. Emma is quite enamored with the series and she is pretty good at guessing what is going to happen in the future.

We have celebrated a major first in our family this week. Emma received her learner’s this week. She is our first child to go through this whole experience. It will be exciting when the other two get their learner’s but there is something special when you go through the process yourself, as a parent, for the first time. This was a learning process for all of us. I already know how we will change things when it is Caleb’s turn to get his learner’s. There were some bumps on this particular road for Emma. I won’t go into details but, suffice it to say, she now knows that you need to read everything that is given to you very, very carefully. Slowing down and reading carefully saves you pain in the long run. The way it works, though, is that even though Emma passed her learner’s test, she cannot actually get her learner’s permit until June, when she actually turns 15. But the worst is over and she is breathing much easier now.

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