We’re Back…..Yet Again

The past two months have been a bit crazy. My mom had heart surgery two months ago so I went for two weeks (with no children) to take care of her. I came away from that stay feeling a unsettled. My mom was having difficulty on post-surgery life. It was difficult to see her like that. I wondered if that would be the last time I saw her.

Then, three weeks ago, my dad was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia and…guess what? I went back to Ontario! Two times in two months! Even though it was wonderful to see my parents again. I truly hope that this is the last visit for at least a year.

The second visit was good for many reasons. One, I was able to see that my mom is recuperating quite well from her surgery. She is looking so much better than she did 5 weeks ago. Two, I was also able to see that my dad has recovered quickly as well. When I left on Friday, he was able to do errands and drive on his own. Three, I was able to take Tessa with me this time and we were able to spend some good times together. Four, there was also time for Tessa and I to visit my sister and her family on the weekend. It was a busy time (my sister likes to cram as many activities as she can into a small amount of time.) We went to the Royal Ontario Museum to take a behind-the-scenes tour. We were able to see many of the artivacts that are stored there and talk to the workers there and ask them questions about what they do. It was fascinating!After waiting outside for an hour in chilly, wet weather and walking around taking in the tour for three hours, we took in the exhibit of the Forbidden City. This was Tessa’s favourite part of our adventure.

Yesterday we did the obligatory shopping trip to Mastermind and Chapters. Toys and books! Who can ask for anything more?

Finally, after eleven hours of traveling, we made it home! I have never been so thankful for our house. It is wonderful to finally have made it here. We are taking our day in slow mode today. Extreme slow mode.

The thing about traveling is that when you leave you feel sad at what you are leaving behind but you are excited at going back home. Ambivalence accompanied us all the way home yesterday.

Life in Ontario is quite fast. Too fast. The slow, simple life of the Prairie is a soothing balm to my soul right now.

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