This weekend is the last bit of freedom we have until we start back up with school. (I really do not want to start. There. I said it out loud.)

Here are the plans for my weekend of freedom:
wash the truck (the dirt is so thick on the beast that it is flaking off like skin on a sunburn.)
make buns
read Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
go on a long promised hike down in the creek hills with Caleb
start raking out the leaf muck from the bushes in our yard
finish cleaning up my bedroom (I have been working on this since yesterday and I can now see the room of my floor. Yay for me!)
watch more episodes of LOST with Emma. We are now on Season 3.
take Tessa to a friend’s house for a playdate.

There. That is a nice looking list. Now the trick is to actually do it.

Clicking Around — there have been a few good blog posts popping up this last week. Enjoy!

Cindy is continuing on with a book club for the book ‘The Beauty of the Word’ by Stratford Caldecott. This is an excellent book on the Trivium. He puts new ideas into an old concept.

Sarah has put a lot of work into a podcast about reading aloud. This is the first in a series. Her first guest is Andrew Pudewa from The Institute of Excellent Writing. She did a great job on this.

Also from Sarah: she has finished up her series on Teaching from a State of Rest. Her last post was exactly what I needed right now.

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