Summer Block

Usually, this is the time of year when we start winding down our learning time. We usually end the school year by the end of May.


This year, though, has been anything but usual. The kids are not even close to finishing the year’s worth of school work. So it looks like we will be doing school work during the summer.

I was reading online about how other homeschool families deal with the summer. One family takes on block scheduling for their learning time. They focus on just one subject for each day of the week. This intrigued me. I am not good with consistency. I am a girl who likes/needs variety and changing subjects every day struck a chord with me.

I have given this much thought and have decided to carry out our summer learning in this way. We started this type of learning this week. I’m not sure if this is a wise way to learn, especially when we aren’t close to finishing our year. But we starting our summer this year and see how it all plays out.

Tessa’s weekly schedule is like this:

Mon.–math: doing regular math curriculum as well as math games, Life of Fred, etc.
Tues–science: nature study, science experiments, reading Thornton Burgess’ Flower Book for Children, sketching.
Wed–language arts: reading Grammarland, reading games, writing projects.
Thurs–art and music: art projects(making masterpieces on sidewalk with chalk,) reading about Tchaikovsky and listening to his music, finishing up projects that we did on Tues. and Wed. as they can also fall under the art category.
Fri–history: reading about Rome, narrations, Book of Centuries, projects.

It’s only Wednesday but this week has been a fun one so far–trying to find different projects, fun hands-on activities that can fall under the various categories.

This is mostly for Tessa. Emma follows the same schedule but she uses her own curriculum. Caleb, though, has chosen to continue on with doing every subject every day. This makes for a very full day.

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2 Responses to Summer Block

  1. Hi! We school throughout the summer but keep it very low key with a main focus. I just posted this week some of the themes from previous years, but this summer we are focusing on Science! We are going to go through the scientific method and do a variety of experiments. Summer is a season for fun and to be a little more flexible with your schedule. Happy Summer!

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