Being Led

I was always under the illusion that the older you got the more you would know, the more confident you would become, the more comfortable you would be with yourself. This might be how it is with most people but for me it is just an illusion.

At least so far.

I wrote last month about learning how to sing a new song; learning how to handle life differently, how to iron out the ruts of my life. I wrote then that I didn’t really know what that looked like. I am still not sure but I have some inklings as to what direction to go in.

By coincidence (?), I am now reading two books that deal with Benedictine monks and their rules of life. I like how God works. I am on a path of questioning, not really sure what is happening and then I come upon two books that deal with the same subject matter. Some people would call this coincidence, I refer to it as God speaking to me. This is how He answers my question of ‘How do I sing a new song?’ I’m not saying that this is the entire answer. No, that would be too easy but I do think He is leading me down the path where the answers lie.

All I need to do is open my eyes and my mind and let it all sink in.

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