Looking Back

This was our first year of high school. Well, it was like our trial run of high school. Here in Saskatchewan high school starts in Grade 10. I am not originally from SK. where I am from Grade 9 is the beginning of high school so that is my mindset. Even though, technically, we didn’t do high school this past year, I thought of it as a trial run. I am glad that I did it that way because we had some bugs that needed ironing out and expectations that needed to be flattened and reset. I have a better idea of what we are working with and ehat to expect when we start Grade 10 in the fall.

This was a difficult year to do high school because we had many bumps that caused us to stop and start quite a few times. As a result of those bumps, we are still not done our school year. We have 6 more weeks to go. That is a bit frustrating, seeing that we started our school year in August but we keep plugging along until we finish. Actually, the only thing that really needs to be finished is Emma’s science. So while she does that she is dipping into math and writing to flesh things out a bit.

Along with not finishing science in time, we also did not get too far in logic. Logic was a fail. I am now pondering what to do about that. Do I just ditch the whole subject or try, try again?

The positive aspect of the year, though, is that we actually read and discussed the Great Books. We didn’t get as many done as I had planned and we didn’t get down as deep as I had hoped but my children were exposed to these books and to their ideas. There was discussion, again, not earth-shattering but I will take it in whatever form it comes in. I realized that this time around I am going for exposure. That’s it. If they want to go deeper into these works they have their whole life times to do so. I don’t need to do this before they go off to college, that is not my job. My job is just to show them that they are there. I did my job.

I think my favourite book that we read and discussed this year was Gilgamesh. We got a lot out of that book. We put on mock trials, answered a few ‘should have’ questions which meandered its way into some good arguments. The other books came in the middle of the life bumps and I lost my focus so the readings were just at the surface. But I have next year, right?

I still have next year.

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