Bits and Pieces of Our Week

We had mostly a stay-at-home week but it was a busy one.

The big part of our week was cleaning Tessa’s room. For our family, this is big news. Tessa is cleaning-challenged and her room takes the brunt of this deficiency. Cleaning Tessa’s room requires assistance from all family members, it is that big of a job. There were two beds in her room and part of the cleaning meant taking out one of the beds and depositing it in the dump (it was in bad shape.) We had to do some changing around of furniture and filling a lot of garbage bags (I think the grand total came to 6–I told you, cleaning-challenged!) Every time I go by her room, I just have to stop and peek in to appreciate the cleanliness.

Due to our cleaning marathon and the fact that Tessa can now see all that is in her room, she has become a Sculpey clay affecionado. She has a quite a stash of Sculpey Clay in her room (who knew?) and a few clay craft books so now that she is aware of it and she also has room to use it, she has been making oodles of clay creations to put on earrings and necklaces. She has sucked in her big sister into the revelry as well.

We have been able to keep up with the garden so far this year. I know, it has only been three weeks but this is a good start. This year, though, my garden problem is garden-eating creatures. I think I have had a hungry deer inhaling my plants. I no longer have strawberry or tomato plants. Insert frustrated cry here! I am not good at gardening but this year started out so well and then Bambi had to come along and demolish my hopes. It is always something. He also stripped my raspberry bushes but I can see some green leaves peeking through so maybe we can salvage them.

I finished Radical Hospitality by Fr. Daniel Homan and Lonnie Collins Pratt this week. I think I am going to buy this book as I had many urges to underline while I was reading. I am now reading A Lantern in her Hand by Bess Streeter Aldrich. I think this was written in the 1920’s. It has a nice homey ‘Little House on the Prairie’ feel to it. This is on Emma’s TBR list for the coming school year so I am pre-reading. I am also pre-reading Confessions by Augustine. This is slow going but we are going to finish it, we are going to finish it (this mantra has been taking up residence in my head as of late.) I am also reading God in my Everything by Ken Shigematsu. Meh. It’s an okay book but not anything to stop me in my tracks. For our family read-aloud, we are finishing Till We Have Faces by C.S.Lewis. Wow! This a surprise read for me. The girls and I are thoroughly enjoying this book (Caleb, not so much.) We haven’t decided what we will read when are through with Faces. Oh, such decisions!

Oh, and one more thing! Last night, I watched the repeat of the season premiere of Blacklist. I have heard many good things about this series but I just never got around to watch it. So when I saw that they were repeating it I thought this would be a good time to glom onto it. Oh. My. Goodness! If this is the season opener I cannot imagine what is in store for the rest of the series. I was on edge for the entire hour. I might just have to buy the DVD series anyway so I can end the suspense.

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