Let Us

I heard his words on this podcast–the one where they are talking about rest, how to teach with that rest. His words calmed the edginess that had been creeping up in my heart. He said that when God gives responsibility, He gives authority and enables those to fulfill that responsibility. That is where I sucked in my breath. Those are the words that I have needed to hear all year. Actually, I needed to hear all of his words in that podcast. He must have known that a prairie mom, who has been stumbling around for the last few months desperately needed to hear all of those words.

The other thing he said that brought me up sharp was that in trying to teach from a place of rest, you need to stop shoving too much into your day. You need to have a plan, a simple plan and then follow that plan. Stop doubting that plan, just follow it. That has been my downfall; shoving way too much into my plan and then drowning it in doubt.

He suggests following God’s pattern of how He created the world. In the creation account, whenever He created something He started the day with speaking His intention. “Let there be light” and there is light.

End of the first day.


And he says this is how we should plan our days. State our intentions for the day. Keep it simple and then carry it out.

So we tried this yesterday.

We gathered in the living room for Morning Time. Before we began our readings I stated, “Let us do school, Caleb will cut grass, Emma will clean the house and Tessa will weed the garden with help from me.” Caleb reminded me that we were going to make a rhubarb pie but I told him that the pie would have to be moved on to the next day because this day’s plan was getting too full.

And that was it.

And it worked.

The day went along hummingly. All of the plans were carried out without stress.

It was a day of work but restful work.

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