Wednesday With Words

I have been reading Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber. It is a spiritual memoir that ponders how to receive the gift of the present when your reality is a bit messy. I love reading Weber’s words. She does have the gift of words. Here are a few examples:

Yes, gather the rosebuds to the glory of God. He will weave each one “a garland to grace your head and present you” (Proverbs 4:9) so that you may remain in his presence forever. Replace carpe diem with carpe Deum and you move away from the ledge of self-absorption, from the temptation of falling into spiritual immaturity, epitomized by so many things in the sinful preference of self but especially by the self-serving pleasure principle. In subtle contrast, carpe Deum grasps at God. It seeks righteousness. It touches the robe. It holds onto the Lord and refuses to let go. (Pg. 99)

Righteousness: such a towering, imposing word. And yet, because Abraham simply believed God’s promise, the Lord credited it to him as “righteousness” (Gen. 15:6). And so, personally, the best definition I have arrived at in my own spiritual quest for righteousness is taking God seriously. Taking him literally at his word. Seizing him and holding on. And thus choosing to be in his presence, to seek his presence. with all I am at the human moments when I am capable. For the academic and a believer, the idea poses an entirely different kind of tenure. (Pg. 99)

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