June Daybook

It has been awhile since I have done one of these. I like doing them because they focus my attention on all that is going on around me.

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW — It is early, early morning and it looks like it will be another rainy day. The sky is dark and gloomy. Oh, what I would do for a sunshiny day, an all day sunshiny day.

GIVING THANKS — for a man who always remembers birthdays and anniversaries. He is so much better at it than I am. Case in point: it is our wedding anniversary today (16th) and I forgot all about it and made plans to help cook in the kitchen of a nearby Bible camp. Oops! I am going to try to leave early so I can get home at about 6:30 to have supper (just us) at the cabin. I am looking forward to this.

I AM THINKING ABOUT — Oh, what am I not thinking about? My brain needs to go on a thinking holiday right about now. Let’s see… Thinking item #1) How am I going to do this high school thing without losing my mind. Thoughts like Am I going to ruin them? Am I smart enough? Am I organized enough? keep whirling around in my brain until I feel like insanity is just around the bend. Thinking item #2) Why can’t people just leave other people alone? Everyone parents differently because we all have had different life experiences. So what if our decisions to raise our children are different than each others? Why do we have to throw each other under the bus because their decisions do not match with ours? Why can’t we support each other even though our life styles may be different? Thinking item #3)–similar to Thinking item #2– Why do people automatically assume that because my parenting/educational decisions are out-of-the-box compared to the norm that I do not have a brain in my head? In short, it all comes down to: I wish people would just mind their own business and leave me alone to carry on with mine. Yes, it has been a difficult week. Oh heck, who am I kidding? it has been a difficult year.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM — We are officially on summer holidays. This means that my work is just beginning to get ready for next year. I have been thinking about writing down lesson plans and organizing things on paper. I have never done that before. I’m a mental organizer and lesson planner. Some things might make their way to paper but I usually don’t pay attention to it and go off on my own anyway. But I am thinking that now I will have a Gr. 10 and a Gr. 8 student, I might have to make more concrete plans to make sure it all gets done. But then I think, what’s the point if I don’t pay attention to them anyway? And on it goes. See? My head is just not a fun place to be right now.

FROM THE KITCHEN — I recently got the Oh She Glows vegan cookbook by Angela Liddon from the library. I am not vegan or vegetarian but I do enjoy perusing these kinds of cookbooks for different ideas. This one is full of great ideas. We have made kale chips, pita chips and breakfast oatmeal, all from the book. Oh, it was all yummy! The thing with kale chips, though, is that they do not last very long at all. About 10 minutes after pulling them from the oven and they have vanished. The pita chips suffered a similar fate. They lasted a bit longer–a whole afternoon–but they still did not stay around long. Pita chips are quite good with hummus. I will confess that I did not make the hummus but that is on my list for next week. I just have to find Tahini. If you were a bottle of Tahini, where would you be in the grocery store?

I AM CREATING — two new courses for Emma for next year. I am putting together a home economics course, as well as a wellness/health course. I haven’t actually started yet but I have found some of the books that I want to use for the home ec. course. This will be more of a cooking course. I am planning on using one or two Alton Brown books, a Jamie Oliver cookbook and a Michael Pollan book. I also would like her to read a history book of either a banana or sugar. Haven’t decided yet. As per usual, the plans are all in my head and haven’t even got close to being put on paper.

I AM READING — Okay, are you ready for the list?
Bloom by Kelle Hampton. A memoir of a mom whose second daughter has Down’s Syndrome.
The Raphael Affair by Iain Pear. An art history mystery. So far it is good but a bit confusing.
Confessions by Augustine. A pre-read for Emma’s school year. This is slow going but I am finding some nuggets.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K.Rowling. It is now Tessa’s turn to read Harry Potter. We are reading it as a family read aloud. We are now on the third book in the series. The rhythm goes as follows: we read two or three chapters at a time, then we watch the corresponding chapters as it is shown in the movie. Tessa is a true Harry fan.

I AM WATCHING — X-Men. We all went to the movies last week and watched the latest installment of the X-Men series. I am not a big X-Men fan but everyone else in my family is so I caved and joined in.

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