The Summer of Firsts

This, the summer that Emma has turned 15, is turning out to be a summer of firsts. So many new things happening, new frontiers to be explored. This is downright scary, people. I’m not sure if I like all of these firsts.

It all began the week of her birthday when she acquired her learner’s permit. My little squoodge, who used to ride her push’em tricycle on the front porch is now driving a vehicle–an actual human-sized vehicle with gas and everything. This is just scary. (I have a feeling that the word ‘scary’ is going to present itself quite a few times in this post.)

Emma is quite good driving on the gravel roads, the highway and the nearest small town but the nearest big town? Well, suffice it to say we need more practice in the nearest small town for a bit longer yet before we go back to the nearest big town. Our experience in the nearest big town was….scary.

Emma is also using her wings to fly away from home for a long period of time. She is at camp this week, training to be a camp leader. This is a big first for all of us. This week is LIT week (leader in training,) next week is senior camp so she is going to be away for two weeks (Two weeks!!!!!!) Then she will decide if she is going to come home or if she would like to stay longer to help out at the other camps. There is a possibility that she will be away for 7 weeks with 2 day home visits sprinkled in amongst those weeks. She will let me know next week what her plans are for the rest of summer. Even though I am missing her like crazy, I am hoping that she will be able to stay for the majority of the summer. She needs something that she is passionate in and excited about and I think camp just might be that ‘something.’

Oy! This is big. Exciting but big. I guess that is the way that firsts usually present themselves.

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