Weekend Links

It has been a quiet, full week here on the prairie. It seems like a contradiction of terms to place the words ‘quiet’ and ‘full’ side by side in the same sentence. We went to Cypress Park on Monday to see Emma. She needed some items to get her through the summer so we delivered. My in-laws were camping at the park so we stayed for the afternoon to visit them.

Tessa had a sleep-over at a friend’s later in the week so it was just me and Caleb together for a day. That felt extremely strange. We watched Scooby Doo movies all night. The things I do for my kids. We also went swimming at the local pool with friends and then enjoyed ice cream sundaes at a new ice cream place in town. This is the way that I love to spend my summers–we don’t have any fancy plans for vacations, we just do simple stuff like swimming, ice cream, going to the movies, hikes, etc. This is what summer is for me.

I made a large batch of Pita chips and kale chips. Tessa is a happy girl. She loves these two things. I also made some green smoothies. I made these a few years ago but they didn’t turn out very good. These ones, though, were quite yummy. I don’t know what I did different but I hope it continues. I put in spinach, almond milk, banana and peanut butter. Hmmmm. I am really enjoying the Oh She Glows cookbook. I am of the serious mind of buying that book.

Anyway, here are some links that I stumbled upon this week. Enjoy!

A new exciting online venture is popping up on July 21st for classically homeschooling mamas. A group of women are teeming their wisdom and art together to create a resource for those of us who are attempting to classically educate their children. The site is called Schole Sisters. My understanding is that their will be podcasts, blog posts, and videos to create a community of like-minded women. I am excited to see this come to fruition.

I blogged earlier this week that Emma told me of her desire to do workbook-type learning. I have been thinking of this all week. Flabbergasted is the proper word to use for how I feel right now. I cannot fully comprehend how a child of mine can enjoy doing workbooks. Anywho, I have been giving this some thought. I will talk about this with her next weekend when she comes home for a few days but I wanted to come up with some options for her school year and I came upon this site. Wes Callihan is well-known in classical educational circles for being a good humanities teacher. He offers online courses to homeschooling families. Online courses have never been an option for our family so I was delighted to find out that Mr. Callihan is starting up a Great Books course via video. There are 4 years to this course. The lectures come on DVD accompanied by a workbook. A workbook! Be still my beating heart! The company is called Roman Roads Media.

Now there is book talk.

I listened to a fun podcast earlier this week with Tsh Oxenreider and Ann Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy fame. The two talked books all. podcast. long. I was in book heaven. The podcast was a joy to listen to. Enjoy!

The Millions have a list to remind us of what is coming up in the last half of 2014 in terms of newly published books. The list didn’t get me jumping up and down although there is a new Marilynne Robinson book coming out much later in the year.

Last one. I came upon a new literature analysis site this week. It is similar to SparkNotes. In fact, I think the people behind this new site started up SparkNotes. I like the titles. Some of them are not found at other lit analysis sites. Oh, the site is called LitCharts.

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