In the Middle of a Muddle

For the past 4 years, we have always started our school year on the first Monday of August. When we start this early then we are able to finish in May of the next year. It has worked out well.

Until now.

This past year has been a bit bumpy. Okay, a lot bumpy. I feel at a loss over a lot of things in life. I’m not sure how to educate these kids. You would think after 10 years I would have it all together and things would be a breeze. Not so. I feel like I know less now about how to educate my children than I did when they were in the elementary grades.

I told a friend awhile ago that I felt unmoored by life’s happenings. I’m not sure if that is an actual word but it seems to fit the context of this muddle I find myself in. Unmoored–floating around unanchored. That is what I feel like right now. Unanchored.

So, in the middle of this muddle, I can’t seem to even bring myself to think about the coming of a school year. August? That is in 2 weeks! Eeeeek! I don’t even have all of my curriculum! I still need books, science supplies (lots of science supplies now that I have two children doing a textbook science program) and even more books. There is no way that we can start in August.

That’s okay, I say in a pseudo–soothing voice, who says you have to start in August? You can wait until September, October. Okay, maybe not October, don’t get carried away. But September would work.

That is quite comforting to know that I have more time. More time to figure out just how I am going to get myself out of this muddle. More time to plan. More time to get the rest of my curriculum. More time for just about everything. I wonder, though, if time will make a difference. Will more time help? Yes! Yes, it will! There is that pseudo-soothing voice again.

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2 Responses to In the Middle of a Muddle

  1. Just one of the awesome benefits of homeschooling. You can choose when to start, stop, and take breaks; even from year to year! Good luck with the planning and start when you are ready. 🙂

  2. I agree, this is definitely one of the perks of homeschooling.

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