Weekend Links for July 19th

A recap of our week: Tessa went to art camp this week. It was a day camp so there was a great deal of driving involved but she had a wonderful time so it was worth it. We bought a boat! Okay, not a real boat but as close to a real boat as we are going to get. Caleb has been looking for a canoe but has had no luck. A friend mentioned that they bought a rubber dinghy from WalMart so we went this week and bought one for us. The plan is to set it to sail today after we get back from the Farmer’s Market. My big girl comes home on Mon. for three days (she has an orthodontist appt.) It will be different having her home, especially when we haven’t seen her for a few weeks. Strange times.

Here are some interesting things I found on my internet travels this week:

I needed this reminder from the Art of Simple blog that we are all artists. I have not been feeling like much of one lately.

I have been intrigued with the concept of Sabbath during the last few months. This article on Sabbath summers caught my spirit.

Ambleside Online is in the process of posting a living books type of curriculum for science. They have book recommendations for Yr. 6 and 7 and will eventually have recommendations for the upper years as well. I enjoyed reading this blog post on choosing a living book science curriculum

Finally, my world spun around when I heard a conference talk by Jenny Rallens. Her talk last year on liturgy changed our school year and I think her current talk will do the same for this upcoming year. This year’s talk is entitled The Art of Memory. It is so good. So good. Now, as we all know that I am super bad at linking, I will link you to the main page and then you can click on Resources, then Audio and her talk is under the conference talks for 2014. I know it is a hassle but it is worth it–if you are interested in Classical Education.

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