Soul Changes

As I have eluded/just plain come out and said many times lately, this year has been a difficult year. Major things have occurred since last October, things that, at times, have taken my breath away. Those difficult things continue to find their way onto my doorstep.

My dad has been in the hospital for the past two weeks with pneumonia. My mom has had major health issues for the last year and a half concluding with open heart surgery in March. So this situation with dad is a continuation of the same kind of frustration I felt when my mom was sick. My dad is home now but the doctor gave him a parting gift of ‘It looks like you may have to go to a nursing home.’

Did not see that one coming. At all.

This just takes my breath away.

All of these ‘take my breath away’ incidents have forced me to look deep into my being and see how I can anchor myself into a stronger, more joyful me. I have been able to see that I need to change some things. In the past few weeks, I have been shown what those changes need to be. There needs to be some soul changes.

Soul changes.

I like the sound of that. I’m just not sure what that means nor how that will look in my life. I have a vague idea and I am in the process of shuffling things around to make those changes happen. I am praying that once I am in the midst of these changes that I will be able to handle all of this difficultness instead of just always lamenting on how difficult it all is.

So right now I am under construction. Soul construction. More to follow.

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