Weekend Links

It has been very hot here on the Prairie, so we have spent most of our days down at the creek, figuring out how to swim under water without holding your nose, watching frogs, searching for clam shells and raking the weeds out of the creekbed. I have also been trying to get working on this school year’s plans and schedules. School starts in one month. One month, people! I feel a bit shaky about that. Still don’t have all of our curriculum. Can we say Procrastination? It is alive and well here on the Canadian prairies.

Any old who, I have found some great sites and articles that have given me much food for thought. Enjoy!

There is a new blog out dealing with Classical Education. It is fabulous! I have enjoyed all of their offerings these past two weeks. They are attempting to make Classical Education more attainable. The whole blog is great but the post by Pam just hit home for me.Oh, forgot, the blog is entitled Schole Sisters.

I read an article from The Imaginative Conservative that was taken from The Circe Conference last month. The talk is by Christopher Nelson and deals with heroes and imitation. Very good.

Sarah has her 8th Reading Revival podcast up. This week she is talking to Lawrence Goldstone, the author of Deconstructing Penguins. She has also posted a recent talk she gave via Skype to a group of homeschooling moms. This talk really encouraged me as I am in planning stage. I could always use reminders to ‘be realistic.’

Wildflowers and Marbles is the site to hear a Circe talk that James Taylor gave in 2003 on how the good books should lead to the Great Books.


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