Weekend Links

It has been a very hot and sunny week here on the Prairies, full of summer goings on. Caleb has gone camping with his cousin, nana and papa. Emma met up with some camp buddies and had a sleep-over. We went swimming with some friends at the local pool and then indulged in hot fudge sundaes at the infamous (well, infamous to us) Dairy King. We also had a bonfire this week complete with roasted wieners and marshmallows. Bonfires are starting to be a regular event here. Caleb is quite fond of them.

I still haven’t cleaned out the school room nor the basement. I have two weeks left to do it. I am running out of time.

Here are some links that I stumbled upon this week:

I have read quite a bit about Robin Williams this week but this tribute by Norm Macdonald was the sweetest.

I always find it interesting to read how famous writers worked, how they scheduled their days. Here is an article on how C.S.Lewis spent his writing days.

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